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Pay for the parking with Drop Ticket

DropTicket is the app that allows you to pay with the Start and Stop system only the real minutes of parking on the blue lines until the credit of the parking packages purchased in the 5, 10 and 20 euro denominations is exhausted.

When parking on the stall, to use DropTicket, the counter must be started with a simple touch on “Start”, which automatically calculates the amount to be paid in real time based on the rate provided for the area detected during the geolocation phase.

Users also have the option of saving both the parking area and the number plates of the cars entered as “favorites” to use them later.

Please note that to use DropTicket you do not need to register (you access the app without login), nor do you need to incur activation or renewal costs for the service.

To facilitate the work of traffic assistants, it is advisable to display the DropTicket coupon on the dashboard of your car.

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