Bird now in Lido Di Camaiore

Download the App on the official Stores

Follow the instructions and start your journey!

  1. Download the Bird app on your phone and create your account
  2. Open the app and go to the nearest scooter
  3. Scan the QR code on the Bird to start your journey
  4. Enjoy the ride, being careful to respect the rules of the road
  5. When you have arrived at your destination, leave the Bird in a responsible place (do not block sidewalks or other public spaces) and end the journey in the App

Instructions for the correct and responsible use of the scooter

  1. You can use the electric scooter if you are 14 years old. The helmet is mandatory if you are a minor while it is recommended if you are over 18 years old. Each scooter must be equipped with a bell / buzzer.
  2. Do not exceed the speed of:
    – 25 km / h on the carriageway (the vehicle is set not to exceed this speed)
    – 6 km / h in pedestrian areas
  3. Do not carry other people, objects or animals, drive animals, tow or be towed by another vehicle.
  4. Carry the scooter by hand if it is a hindrance or danger to pedestrians, such as on crosswalks or sidewalks.
  5. Always hold the handlebars with both hands except to signal the turn. If the weather requires it, use lighting devices (such as a reflective vest).

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